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Our cars are specialty cars ...collector cars...award winning original stopping restored autos... and newer highline Specialty cars! We scour the country for those rare gems.

That beautiful Corvette, or Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Mopar Muscle Car, Restomod, Pro Touring classic, maybe a Survivor that makes you just burst with pride. How about those rare one-off's or super limited production models or the fun micro cars, even the heavy iron cruisers, or sporty modern styles all the way to exotics? We can find anything!

We have collectors all over the world that offer to sell us these cars. In fact that’s how we get most of our cars, from collectors. We avoid auctions whenever possible because we know that’s where sellers take their misrepresented headaches, problems cars they cant sell locally. But when you sell cars of the quality we do, at a price we hope is competitive, as we try to always do, the buying and inventorying becomes particularly hard. We peruse car clubs, newspapers and word of mouth everywhere we go. It's not at all unusual to drive hours out of our way, to look at 1 car. Sometimes, that drive is really worth it. Small towns can have rare gems. You have to look at a lot of cars, in order to buy only a few. That's a lot of crawling in and under to find the right stuff. But that's ok. We're fussy – because our customers expect it of us. They rely on that.

Many of our clients are repeat buyers. They already are lucky enough to have 1 or more "toys" purchased from us. Sometimes they want to add to their collection, sometimes they just want a different one to play with, or they want to trade. Whatever, their reason, we've got the answer. We've got the investment car. You can drive ours right off the floor and enjoy a day in the sun or take them to a car show, with pride. Lots of our cars have won trophies, regionally and nationally for their new owners.

Of course, we get walk-in sellers too. Someone has a car they have grown tired of, or perhaps they inherited a car they really don't want. Perhaps they just need the money. If that's a specialty car - if it's been lovingly cared for, and is either a collector car, a muscle car, exotic, a hot rod, a classic, a foreign, or an antique automobile - be it a sedan convertible, t-top, targa top, hard top, coupe, convertible or roadster...we're interested.

Our customers come from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Most of the time a new client can't physically come to inspect a particular car. That's ok, we'll walk around it and describe it to them, over the telephone and or Facetime. We have a reputation for giving only honest information, when describing our beauties without leaving anything out.

We do have some customers that leave disappointed....Sometimes a customer wants a 'fixer-upper". Sorry, we simply don't carry those. We don't have those "Winter Projects". The closest we can come to that, is a show worthy, drivable, almost perfect car that someone wants to make into a totally flawless show stopper. It will never be allowed to get dusty - not even the engine. Those buyers will feel like they're in a candy store. 

It is our top priority as collectors ourselves, to describe all of our vehicles accurately, to the best of our ability. Even though we scrutinize each car before we buy it, we resell cars, we do not restore or warranty them. Therefore we cannot guarantee any of the claims made by previous owners, their agents, or consigners. We recommend that any individual, contemplating purchasing any used car or collector car- from us or anyone else - to either inspect it themselves, or send a trustworthy individual, to verify that it’s description is accurate. If you have trouble locating such an individual, we will be happy to recommend an impartial, unaffiliated individual or firm to assist you .

Okay, you've dreamt about the car you saw here. You can afford it. You can't stand it - you just gotta have it. But now what? You don't want to drive it all the way home. We'll either ship it to you ourselves, or arrange for shipment via a major enclosed car shipper. These shippers do nothing else but ship cars - of all price ranges. They're good, dependable, careful and fully insured. Drivers tell us constantly how cars being delivered, from other sellers, often bring tears of regret to the new owners. But when they ship OUR cars, the proud new owners are never disappointed!!!! We get phone calls all the time, from our clients telling us their joy at the car being just what we said it was.
Transporting Cars: We have the ability to transport a vehicle of your choice anywhere in the USA, in either an enclosed trailer or an open one. Prices are based on current market and fuel prices.  Locating Cars: We locate cars all across the country - and in some cases across the world. We strive to be the best and to make every customer completely satisfied. To find any car that you could want, all we need is a description of the car and a 10% deposit. If you would like more information please call or e-mail us. Trades: We will take almost any type of trade that doesn't need restoration. We provide our customers with top quality cars and therefore prefer to take good quality cars on trade. If your trade is less than good quality, call us anyway. Perhaps we can work something out despite the condition, whether you want to get a car of greater or lesser value...    Appraisals: We are always interested in doing appraisals because it gives us a chance to meet other collector car enthusiasts or anybody with a car of interest, so we can hopefully become a friend and develop a relationship. This is a service that can help you get an idea of what your car is worth in today's market. Also, it can give you a place to start if you're wanting to sell your car and you're not sure what it's worth. Banks and insurance companies find that appraisals are extremely helpful in assessing a vehicle's value, especially old or cars of particular interest. If you live locally and can bring your car to us we charge $100.00. If we need to come to you, you can call us for a price. 

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