The Shelby GT350R Returns Thanks To The Original Venice Crew

The Shelby GT350R Returns Thanks to the Original Venice Crew

First-generation Mustang collectors will tell you that one of the must-have Mustangs is the 1965 Shelby GT350R. These pint-sized racers spewed 325 horsepower and were a dominating force in SCCA B/Production racing. Trouble is, only 36 were ever created, and it's rare when one comes up for sale or auction. And when they are offered, prices can approach the million dollar mark.

Stay with us, because there is good news. If you thought your chances of acquiring a GT350R were slim at best, you might be surprised to learn that a limited run of "new" GT350Rs is available. Architects of the original Shelby GT350R

Published Dec 29th, 2017

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