The Lowdown On Garage Lifts: Part 1

The Lowdown on Garage Lifts: Part 1

Having a vehicle lift in your home garage used to be the type of extravagance that was on par with, say, having a commercial pizza oven in your kitchen or even an Olympic-size pool in the basement, but in recent years the proliferation of affordable lifts has changed perceptions and options. The truth is they make a lot sense for hobbyists who wrench on their own rides and need additional storage space that a home garage couldn't offer otherwise.

We're going to take a multi-part look at these ultimate garage tools, starting with the basic questions most enthusiasts want answered before making an admittedly sizable and garage-altering investment. Keep in mind the answers are general in nature and don't replace a few minutes in your own garage with a tape measure.

1. I want a lift for the extra storage space

Published Dec 7th, 2015