Text by Huw Evans, Photography Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

In the late 60s, it's well documented that America's automakers were embroiled in an all-out performance war. And while most of that focused primarily on going fast in a straight line, from either the stoplight or Christmas Tree, there was also a certain element that was more about carving through corners and screaming small-block V-8s revving to 7,000 rpm.

We are talking about the Sports Car Club of America's Trans American sedan championship, or simply Trans Am for short. And here, a fierce war was waged, between the likes of Chevrolet and Ford. Both the Penske and Bud Moore prepped track cars proved to be formidable weapons in the hands of drivers like Mark Donohue and Rufus "Parnelli" Jones, so much so that Donahue and Penske (Chevrolet) clinched the Group 2 championship in 1969, while Bud Moore (Ford) and Jones took the honor the following year. On the street, Chevrolet had been first to the party with a production Trans Am homologation car

Published Oct 2nd, 2017

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