How To Buy A Car Cover

How To Buy A Car Cover

Whether you have a brand new car or a vintage ride that you have purchased as an investment, a durable car cover will keep your vehicle looking its very best. There are a number of questions you will ask yourself once you decide to buy a car cover. It is important to consider where you live and the conditions that your car, truck or SUV will endure on a regular basis when choosing a car cover.

What Do I Want To Protect My Car From?

Water: While rain is great for plants, it can be trouble for your vehicle. Your vehicle is prone to rust when exposed to the rain for long periods of time. Acid rain and snow can also cause your car's finish to rapidly deteriorate. Extremely cold weather places pressure on your car's surface, causing scratches and dents.

Sunlight/UV Rays: The sun and high temperatures damage the inside and outside of your vehicle. UV rays cause paint to fade and chip. Temperatures inside of vehicles can exceed the outside temperature by over 30

Published Dec 7th, 2015