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Hot Hemi

Hot Hemi

Text and images by John Gunnell

Stefano Bimbi of Nickey Chicago tosses me the key ring and says, "Here, you drive the 'Cuda to where we're going." Sliding into the seat of the Vitamin C Orange Hemi 'Cuda, the first thing you notice is that the ignition key seems to go into the slot upside down. Then, after a brief but neck-snapping ride, you find the key won't come back out, no matter how hard you tug on it.

"It doesn't pull out unless you slide the Pistol-Grip shifter into reverse," Stefano explains. "Chrysler things all seem to work a little weird, from the upside-down ignition switch to the door handles that lock by pushing them forward. Even the trunk lock is on the right side of the rear panel, instead of in the center."

Despite such idiosyncrasies, the 'Cuda was more like bigger Mopar muscle cars in 1970

Published Sep 13th, 2017

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