History Of The Lancia Delta Integrale - Part 3

History Of The Lancia Delta Integrale - Part 3

Now here's a sobering thought. Lancia's Delta arrived in this world a third of a century ago. Yet in its final form, the Integrale Evo 2 launched in 1993, it was thought of in the same breath as modern objects such as Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru Impreza Turbos. It was the four-wheel-drive, turbocharged, World Rally Championship aura that forged this common bond, shrunk the decades and makes some of us still think of an Integrale as an almost-modern car.

I bought my first Delta for rallying before becoming a dealer in 1988. I bought an HF and prepared it for Group N rallying, and went to town with the preparation, including body strengthening. The end result was the most successful and reliable rally car I ever had.

In 1990, the end of the second year of competing in a Delta in motor sport, we were competing in the RAC Rally. Throughout the event we were running first in the privateer class. We ended up finishing 20th overall, first in Group N. From there, the phone started ringing, and I ended up running and preparing a number of Integrales with great success. Since then we've become a manufacturer of our own parts for these cars and we're now the biggest specialist in the UK, possibly the world.

Our customers range from those wanting totally standard, original, immaculate cars

Published Dec 7th, 2015