Hidden Modifications

Hidden Modifications

Text and photography by Miles Cook

Suppose that you have a classic Falcon, Fairlane, Galaxie, Mustang or any other collectible Ford or Mercury of any year or body style. We'll imagine that it's all restored or in fairly good shape as is. Or if the car is a project that's in the process of going together, we'll shoot for the goal of having it on the road in the next six months to a year.

Let's surmise that you want the car to look essentially stock, but you'd like it to drive better than the typical above-noted car that's 100 percent original. We're not talking a 10-second drag car or an extreme open-track road racer, but rather a good-performing street car that can keep up with just about anything on the highway and hold its own on the twisty stuff, too.

If these parameters are what you're thinking of, then this overview will be right up your alley. In simple terms, we're going to focus on the best upgrades you can do to a vintage Ford that most people will never know are there

Published Dec 7th, 2015