Classic Ford Mustang Baer Brake System Upgrade

Classic Ford Mustang Baer Brake System Upgrade

For several years, the cornerstone for most Baer brake systems intended for vintage Fords has been the PBR twin-piston caliper that was original equipment on '94-'04 Mustang Cobras. While it was and still is a good caliper that's light years ahead of any drum brake, there was, as they always say, room for improvement.

Here, the result of that is a six-piston mono-block aluminum caliper that Baer Brake Systems now manufacturers. Long ago, Baer brake packages for disc brake conversions really only included calipers from other sources including PBR and Alcon. Now though, Baer is also a full-fledged volume manufacturer of its own calipers just like those aforementioned companies.

And for those interested in cars like classic Fords as we all are, that's a big advantage, because not only are Baer products easily as good as the many exotic overseas caliper manufacturers out there, the company also has a special understanding of these older cars that's needed to be able to retrofit its top-notch components to something such as the '66 Mustang subject car shown here.

This brings us to the topic at hand. An existing Baer system on a classic Ford can be easily upgraded from the two-piston PBR caliper to the six-piston Baer caliper. We stopped in at Marlo's Frame and Alignment one afternoon and saw the procedure completed

Published Dec 7th, 2015