Behind The Scenes Of The High Museum's

Behind The Scenes of the High Museum's

On May 21st 2014 the High Museum in Atlanta will open the doors to an amazing world of automotive design with their Dream Cars exhibit. But before that can happen each car has to be placed perfectly within the exhibit hall. On this day three cars arrived: the 1953 General Motors Firebird XP-21, the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone XP-74 and the 1951 General Motors Le Sabre XP-8. These three cars are on loan from the General Motors Heritage Center where they are kept in pristine condition. While the jet turbine powered Firebird was pushed into place, both the Cyclone and the Le Sabre gracefully motored from the transport truck to the freight elevator under their own power.

In all 17 concept cars and multiple works of automotive concept art will be on display from May 21 through September 7 of 2014. AutoTrader Classics will be bringing you a sneak peak of the full exhibit in a few short weeks so be sure to check back!

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Published Dec 7th, 2015